William Albone

Name: William Albon

1897 - 1st March 1919

Place of Birth: Arlesey

Occupation: Unknown

Division: 2nd Battalion

Regiment: Bedford Regiment

Rank: Private

Buried: Arlesey Parish Churchyard, St. Peters


Person(s) placing the cross on behalf of the Arlesey Remembers You Project: Dylan Clark

William Albone by Callum O’Dowd aged 9

William Albone lived in Arlesey, Bedfordshire. His was in the 2nd Bedfordshire regiment and he was a prisoner of war, his identification number was 27805. He died siddenly at home on the 1st March 1919 when he was 22 years old.

William joined his regiment on the 2nd February 1916 and later that year was sent to France with the 2nd Beds regiment on 24th August. He took part in opposing the great German offensive of St Quentin on March 21st 1918 but he went missing on March 22nd. He was a prisoner of war and wasn’t treated very nice. He only had 1 cup of coffee in 3 days and his job as a prisoner was to help the Germans. William was a prisoner for 8 months. When he arrived back in Arlesey Mr A Murdock employed him.

William died on the 1st March 1919 and his funeral was on Thursday, March 6th at the Arlesey Parish churchyard. His mummy and daddy, his brothers and sisters who were called Nellie, Bert, Annie and Dennis were there and his aunties and uncles were there too. Lots of people came to the funeral to say goodbye to William.

William was a very good man who helped fight the war in this country. Everyone should remember him all of the time.



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